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gallery maskaraGallery Maskara has a clear and compelling mission to taking a global and multidisciplinary approach to art that responds to the cultural fabric of our time thus fueling critical dialogue, collaboration, and public engagement. More simply put it is to EXHIBIT AND PROMOTE ART OF THE PRESENT.

gallery maskara 2Gallery Maskara is located in the heart of downtown Mumbai between 2nd and 3rd Pasta lane in Colaba, and functions as a hub for the exploration of emerging ideas in the contemporary art. The freestanding 3,250 square foot building served as a cotton godown during India’s pre independence era and has been renovated by noted conservation architect Rahul Mehrotra to maintain its historic character. With a nearly 50 feet ceiling height and walls that run 100 feet in length, the cavernous space marks a shift from the typical white cube neutral space and is raw yet flexible, making the building extremely well-suited for contemporary art practices.

This is what Abhay Maskara, the founder says –

“I see my role as a responsive curator of art. My objectives are most clearly laid out in mission statement of the gallery which is to EXHIBIT AND PROMOTE ART OF THE PRESENT. These seven chosen words succinctly exemplify my preoccupation and focus. The charter is broad enough to be free of constraints yet focused towards new art forms and emerging art practices. The program reflects my interest to engage with art that is relevant in the present time that we live in, and echoes my belief that art has no boundaries or geographical barriers; because ultimately it is about art that inspires us, moves us and challenges us. Art that rejects preconceived notions and open our minds to fresh ideas and new possibilities.”



6/7 3rd Pasta Lane,

Colaba, Mumbai 400 005


+91 22 2202 3056


+91 22 2202 3057


Opening hours

Tuesday to Saturday: 11am – 7pm

(Closed Sunday and Monday)


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