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MAL is a luxury fashion store of the designer labels for children and would be mothers. When it opened its first store in 2010, with a pool of talented designers: craftsmen of drapes, stitches and textiles (from Raghvendra Rathore to Aneeth Arora) MAL The Store quickly charmed the local style brigade. Challenging conventional practice through it's unusual locations, lived in displays and product selections, MAL The Store has quickly transformed into a retail enigma.

With an eye on appreciating fashion as art, each MAL store is designed to allow people to relax, pause and appreciate. There is little to suggest that it is a retail store, it could be the boudoir of a little maharaja or choti maharani quite comfortable straddling the past and the present. Vintage drying hangers, wooden chests, brass tea sets are befitting display stands for our beautiful wearable art: what you see is a way of life and not merely a showcase.

Our philosophy is essentially about the old and the new sitting effortlessly next to each other. It is about the life of the modern day child (the raja or rani of every house): pairing old world charms with contemporary looms, rooted traditionally in a post modern era, effortlessly blending an Indian-ness with a global-ness.


Our Roots

MAL has its roots in the word MulMul or a fine Muslin that was the first choice of cloth for a mother to swathe her newborn child in whether she was a woman of simple means or moved in courtly circles. It is in response to this sentiment of a mother, to give her child noting but the finest the world has to offer, that we have created Mal The Store, to that combine the old world charm with modern sensibilities.

Pintsized cuteness!!

Mal, Florence House,

Shop no 10, Meriweather Road,

behind Taj Mahal Hotel,


Mumbai 400005

Ph: 022 – 65294425



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