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We at The Tooth studio Mumbai strive to create the most comfortable environment for our patients and provide the highest quality of care, offering state-of-the-art services with your comfort as our first concern.

We are dedicated to providing you and your family with a dental experience that is personalized, comfortable and convenient.

Family Dentistry

Here at The Tooth Studio we offer a wide range of professional dental services ranging from the routine to emergency tooth care. Our doors are always open and we’re happy to help.

Set up an appointment today to have our professional staff evaluate your current level of dental health and set up a treatment schedule that fits your lifestyle and pocket book.

We’re glad you chose The Tooth Studio as your dental provider and look forward to showing you why we make teeth, and patients, happy!


Services offered :

Dental examination

Dental implants

Bleaching (whitening)

Wires and braces(Orthodontics)

Smile designing





Crowns and bridges

Restorations (fillings)

Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

Wisdom Tooth extractions

Dentures (complete and Partial

Extractions/ Fluoride Application/Scaling (cleaning)

Tooth Care

Tooth decay is an infectious disease produced by bacteria, mainly streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus. most people catch it early in life and then are predisposed to developing tooth decay. We’ll help correct this issue and keep your teeth clean and healthy!


Orthodontics treats the growth and development of teeth and the alignment of jaws in adolescents and adults. Most common orthodontic services range from rapid palate expander to dental braces and retainers.

We have been treating both children and adults alike since the opening of our practice.

The care a child receives for their teeth with set the pace for their dental health for their entire lives. We are here to make sure they are able to have a beautiful confident smile to help them succeed!

Preventative & Emergency Care

Even with the most careful dental precautions you can still find yourself in a dental emergency and when that time comes you will find us ready to help. 24/7 availability to our existing patients means that when trouble strikes we’re here for you.

We also check your dental health to ensure your teeth are operating at 100% at all times!

Why we are different

We believe that dentistry should be a relaxing and enjoyable experience that you would welcome into your lifestyle and because of that belief we work as hard as we can to make your experience entirely enjoyable.

We at The Tooth Studio use state-of-the art technology and cutting edge clinical procedures to provide you with an exceptional Dental experience.

The latest technological advances mean minimal discomfort, fast appointments and recovery times, with truly extraordinary results.

From routine cleanings and fillings to advanced dental implants we are equipped for all dental needs. We are currently located in the middle of Colaba market Mumbai .

Stop by any time to set up an appointment or just to see if we’re a right fit!

Shop 13, Gala house

Colaba Market

Mumbai- 400005

Call or Sms:



Hours of Operation:

Monday – Saturday 10am – 2pm/ 5pm – 9pm

Sunday: By Appointment only.



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