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Chrysaalis has been leading the charge in designing and developing innovative methods to foster thinking skills in young children since 2005. Today, Chrysaalis is a leading developer of content for young children focusing on developing high quality, after-school programs that not only enrich the learning process but also foster a strong foundation based on “Thinking […]

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Only open air restaurant in South Mumbai offering cuisines from 3 kitchens: Kebabeque (BBQ, Lucknowi and Biryanis) Zen (Oriental + Khawsuey and Dimsum) La piazza (Pizzeria and Pasta with Lebanese) What should be fresh, will be fresh. What should be hot, will be hot. What should be cold, will be cold. What should be there, […]

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Pizza Express

Pizza like you've never tasted before. A stylish restaurant serving freshly made pizzas by our expert pizzaiolos. Pizza in style has arrived in India. Bringing you simple and authentic pizzas, always served in style. Just the way the Italians do. In fact, we have always been inspired by Italy. Our founder, Peter Boizot, brought real […]

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Think Right Brain Education

Think Right offers a brand new method of education. It is revolutionary to our current system and pace of learning. Brain Development Games for Kids India Photographic Memory Games for Kids India You are going to Supercharge your child’s learning by gentle yet very powerful techniques of brain development. Right Brain education is a program […]

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Musical Bonding

Musical Bonding is a children's music and dance program that offers a series of parent/child sessions devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of children. An innovative child and parent program devoted to the physical, emotional and social development of your child between the ages of 6 months to 5 years. Through specially created […]

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“Freshly made, desi wraps delivered in super quick time. That's Faaso's. We haven't spotted any beautiful waitresses there though, just so that you know what to expect.” Faaso's was born in Pune circa 2003 out of a late night conversation (not dry, of course, and hence we didn't remember the next morning why we had […]

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The Pantry

The Pantry is an all-day bakery cafe that celebrates fresh, local produce and simple rustic flavours. Cocooned in the heart of Mumbai’s art district of Kala Ghoda, The Pantry is a welcoming space providing an experience that, like a home kitchen, is straight from the heart. Whether it be a short break to grab our […]

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In the heart of Mumbai – in Colaba, historical epicentre of the city, sits Abode; a boutique hotel which is a complete expression of the city, celebrating its magic with chic, modern interpretations of historical features. Paying subtle homage to Bombay’s heritage and bohemian past. The ultimate anti-chain hotel, Abode is fabulously unconventional in its […]

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Mr.Chow’s Chinese restaurant

From the hygiene certified kitchens of Mr. Chow's, we serve authentic Chinese cuisine at your doorstep. At Mr. Chow's we take great care to serve you food cooked with the freshest of vegetables and choicest of meals in low cholesterol oil. The chef's recipes are blended with high end imported ingredients. We also offer you […]

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Creative Kids

“Creative Kids was born fifteen years ago in a small and informal manner. As a mother and a Doctor I felt that I have an insight into the mind of a child. My earliest classes were focussed on making children more aware of their surroundings. It involved taking them for Nature walks,to factories and workshops […]

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