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Forum For Autism [FFA] is a public trust formed in 2001, registered as a Public Trust and society as a parent body to empathize with each other, understand their concerns and anxiety, fight the common cause. The primary aim of FFA as spelt out in the Memorandum are is to improve facilities for diagnosis, education, training and rehabilitation of persons with AARDD, and for this purpose, to undertake various activities.

FFA runs a library with books on Autism and related disorders. Today, this library is equipped with over 500 books authored by therapists and professionals in the area of autism, related disorders, slow learning and mentally retardation.

FFA maintains a database of various therapists like the speech therapy, auditory retraining, sensory integration, special schools, vocational guidance, special dieticians to combat development disorders. FFA organizes seminars and programmes, invite specialists from India and abroad to share ideas and educate the parents. The aim is to help parents and therapists in understating newer methods of improving skills of the affected children. In the past 8 years FFA would have successfully completed nearly 100 workshops, which have been received very positively by the parents and therapists.

FFA is clearly a parent support group formed and run by the parents. It was founded by parents of affected individuals who decided to face the challenge of defeating the disorder in all possible ways and yet help younger parents to cope with and come in terms with the disorder quite early, since they all experienced the hard way that early intervention had very positive effect in rehabilitation.

There are nine trustees of the Forum, three of whom are its office-bearers – President, Secretary and Treasurer. FFA has four very senior professionals drawn from various related walks of life to support them as Honorary Trustees. The Forum boasts of a membership of 350, comprising of parents and professionals although over the years around 2000 families have been members of the Forum at some point of time. Being a public trust, the membership to the Forum is open to all who are affected and desire to benefit from the efforts of the Forum.

The Forum is also open to people who desire to voluntarily contribute their services for the running of its activities. It has a whole-time administrative support to run the library and accounts keeping too.

FFA is affiliated to the Action for Autism (a leading national level parent organisation registered in New Delhi.

Forum for Autism,

Ground floor, Sorabha house

Off Colaba causeway,

Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 005

Contact Info: 022-32949595



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