We all want that perfect figure and a well chiseled body. But, good health is clearly the need of the hour. Exciting emerging trends suggest that, 50 is the new 30! And everyone agrees that fitness is the best, most intelligent and enjoyable way of staying young and defying age. Integym is here to help you do just that. Feel fit and look younger always. Gone are the days when working out and exercising was only for the sports persons. Integym believes that fitness is a gift for all, and hence working out and eating intelligently is the gateway to attaining that gift! Intelligent fitness protocols designed by Integym symbolize, ‘My Fitness is My Life’ motto.

Inte’gration of the physical and mental- Identify fitness goals and fix your fitness achievement timeline.

Integym ensures that you get every assistance possible to achieve your fitness goals within a stipulated time frame. Fitness goals are identified by assessing your body composition, by analysing your lifestyle; medical history, dieting capabilities and overall fitness abilities. This is how your fitness goals become the basis of your personalised fitness plan. Together with our fitness experts we fix realistic yet challenging time frames for you to achieve your goals.

‘Inte’gration of workouts and scientific diets- Inspires consistent exercise and nutrition for fitness successes.

At Integym we believe that your workout and exercise ability justify how much and what you need to eat. Your food intake plays a pivotal role in achieving your personalised fitness goals. Our fitness experts motivate you and drive each of our members to stick to their fitness plan and achieve the desired results.

Inte’gration of strength and stamina- Adopt a minimum exercise input to maximum fitness output approach.

Integym understands today’s fast pace and highly competitive world where there is little time for exercise. Our fitness plans taking all of your constraints into consideration. We ensure that our nutrition recommendations are practical and doable and that our workouts help you to burn double the calories in half the workout time as compared to mainstream fitness methods. We also provide our members with double the exercise variety as compared with mainstream fitness to keep motivation levels high and rising and to achieve the personalised fitness goal.

The ‘Inte’ also stands for Intelligent- Maximize every hour you spend on your fitness at Integym.

At Integym we ensure that we understand every one of your fitness and lifestyle requirements. That’s why we have developed a unique personal training method that is supported by personalised training in every area of fitness. We ensure that every minute you spend at Integym gives you double the invested efforts and timely results as assured by our experts.

Experience ‘Inte’lligent workouts and diets- Stays up to the minute with current fitness trends.

Integym recognises that there is a lot going on in the world of fitness and nutrition. We make it a point to keep up with credible fitness research and upgrade and integrate new fitness equipment, new ways of staying fit at all times. Over the years, we have successfully integrated functional training, suspension training, Pilates and core training and recently laser slimming with mainstream fitness.

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Gym Membership

This is the basic membership fee that entitles you to avail of personal training and transform packages or even work out on your own. You can choose from the various types of training that we provide namely; Guided Cardio, Weight training, Pilates, Trampolining, Functional training, Speed Agility and Quickness training.

Personal Training

The option of personal training is available for all forms of training. Our trainers hold a rank of their own namely; Personal Trainers, Intermediate or PT Plus Trainers and Advanced or Transform Trainers. The classification of our trainers is based on their years of experience and qualification pertaining to physical fitness and training.

Weight training:

At Integym we believe that weight training is the non negotiable component of any fitness plan irrespective of age or gender. It forms the foundation for muscles to build your best body shape and strengthens bones for a lifetime. It is truly the anti ageing component of the bodie’s structure and function. A minimum of one to a maximum of three or six times is recommended depending on your fitness goals and fitness achievements.

Functional training:

Come to think of it every type of training from cardio to walking, weight training and agility, improves the way we function because they exercise several joints at one time. Over the years however, functional training has become synonymous with the use of athletic explosive movements like jumping, climbing, twisting, sprinting and rowing. Jump squats ,squat to push up ,crunches to punch on the Swiss ball and so on are names of some hard core functional training.

Guided Cardio:

Pushing yourself on a cardio station like the treadmill or elliptical can get a tad tedious and boring. Our guided cardio training with well qualified Integym personal trainers will help you to enjoy your treadmill workouts and burn between 500 to 800 calories per workout. You will workout with cardio circuits, interval train by closely monitoring your heart rate and covering a larger distance in less time. You will increase your stamina as you get better at climbing the Jacobs ladder, a unique and super challenging non motorised cardio equipment


This high energy exercise form uses several different types of equipment. The agility ladder and cones drills, test the speed and quickness with which you can move in any direction without losing balance. They also sharpen reflexes and improve stability and coordination. Typically this is the training that footballers use to sharpen their skill set. At Integym we use it to improve your quickness and speed for walking, trekking and stair climbing amongst a host of everyday activities. An added bonus is that SAQ training burns double the calories as compared to conventional training and makes you feel like an athlete.

Trampolining or rebounding is used extensively at Integym as part of our SAQ, weight training or as a standalone workout. 10 minutes of brisk jogging and light jumping on the Trampoline can burn as many calories as an hour trudge on the treadmill. Besides this joyful exercise form also known as the cellular exerciser significantly strengthens every cell and improves immunity. This is because the force of gravity is exercised on every cell in the body, and this in turn increases the circulation of the lymphatic system and eliminates toxins.

Pilates Reformer, Posture, Core and Balance:

Pilates is a low impact movement form. It improves body alignment and posture. Pilates movements help you to build a strong connection with the 29 core muscles. The solid 15 fluid and subtle yet strong Pilates moves with their many variations help with spinal flexibility and in strengthening deep abdominal muscles. In addition, improving posture can go a long way in alleviating low back pain and other joint pains. Pilates and posture training can be done by people of any age and fitness ability by itself and along with other trainings. Pilates training helps people perform other exercises like weight training, agility and functional cardio more effectively.


The backbone and the heart of every fitness program is the diet and the rich array of life changing nutrients that it can provide. Integym nutrition plays an indispensible role in increasing day-long energy and stamina for tougher workouts and dealing with the stresses of day to day living.

It is true that the chemistry of the food on our plate clearly reflects the chemistry in our body. That’s why Integym diets focus on nutrient density, meal balance, protein, carbohydrate and omega fat adequacy, maintaining meal and rest timings, and colourful plate packed with the goodness of vegetables.


BodyForm, the laser slimming and innovative gymming plan can be used independently or as part of the transform program for spot reduction and instant inch loss. Laser slimming is a tried and tested technology for releasing body fat from subcutaneous (just under the skin) fat stores. Just 20 minutes of laser slimming could help you to lose inches from your waist, hips, thighs and arms if you use all of this released fat as energy for cardio and trampoline workouts within 12 hours of the laser treatment and follow a healthy diet.


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