“Freshly made, desi wraps delivered in super quick time. That's Faaso's. We haven't spotted any beautiful waitresses there though, just so that you know what to expect.”

Faaso's was born in Pune circa 2003 out of a late night conversation (not dry, of course, and hence we didn't remember the next morning why we had called it Faaso's). As you can see, we are lousy writers, our pedigree in food was nothing better – we looked back 5 generations and did not find anyone who had ever run a restaurant in our family tree.

Probably it helped, as we made just the stuff that we liked and kept it like that all the while – fresh and desi wraps and rolls. Today we have more than 30 different types of wraps flying off our shelves (read Tawa). And, a kidnapping of some local Lucknowi chefs (which we had nothing to do with), has added a choice of authentic dum, veg and non veg biryanis to our menu. No artificial flavours, no added colours, no frozen stuff (we saved some money on freezers), no cutting corners (we never learnt it). Everything freshly made to order, everything hot. A typical order for a wrap at Faaso's sounds like:

“A chicken tikka, medium spicy wrap in whole wheat with no onions, extra cheese, no mayo, double egg, cut in half” – and you thought only cappuccinos were made to order.

We were the first to start taking orders on Twitter. So all you have to do is 'tweet to order' a wrap and we will home (or office) deliver it to you, wherever you are. As we say 'Wraps on the run'. And our new store at Mumbai domestic airport allows you to just tweet us with your order and a delivery time, and we'll get your wraps at the arrival/departure gate. 'Wraps on the run-way!'

We are now 75 outlets strong. After Pune, Mumbai and Bengaluru we recently ventured out to Ahmedabad. But since we too are a bit crazy, Bengaluru welcomed us with great warmth. See, we have started babbling like always. Point of the matter is, you wonderful Puneites, Mumbaikars, Bangaloreans and Gujratis we remain ever thankful to you for loving us, forgiving our mistakes and in general, giving us a chance.”

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What's cooking – Wraps & Rice Feasts

Awesome veg and non veg fillings wrapped up in maida paratha and whole wheat lachcha paratha – depending on your state of mind, with respect to indulgence. To our chagrin, more and more customers have started saying can I have a “Faaso's”, instead of “wrap”.

Veg wraps come with fresh veggies, paneer, mushrooms and the works, with a choice of desi and oriental flavours. We've also done justice to mom's khana, including traditional all time favourites, like chatpate chole and kadhai paneer, in our veg wraps. Dine in at any of our stores and we'll give you a piping hot wrap within minutes! Or send us an SOS call/tweet for free home delivery and we'll hook you up with your Faaso's wraps, at your doorstep.

Non veg wraps and rolls come in egg, chicken and mutton – marinated with some real desi spices. Pick your choice of extra cheese, mayo, or our newly launched Faa-Sauce (a tangy flavoured sauce), or nothing and you get the most delicious wrap this side of the sun. Issue is, writing about it, makes me bloody hungry.

We also have a selection of rice feasts – basically rice raised to a different level with a little help from masalas and other stuff. And yes, they come in veg and non veg varieties.

Faaso's biryanis are real dum biryanis cooked over low-flame. We never learnt the 'mixing of rice and gravy' art. Biryanis come in 5 varieties – veg, egg, paneer tikka, chicken and mutton biryani. Our biryanis are deliciously wholesome, so our advice is – eat it when you're hungry!

Buttered Rice Combo is a Faaso's secret. A platter of basmati rice with a blob of butter on top, served with fried egg, and a wide, tasty selection of desi kebabs. Again, eat it when you are really hungry.

We also combined our masalas and rice to create some bestselling rice feasts such as paneer on basmati for veg lovers or egg/ chicken/ mutton on basmati for the non veggies! It's one of our delectable desi masalas served with a big portion of basmati rice. You can also try one of our curries with whole wheat lachcha parathas, salad and chutney.

Biryanis and rice come in a convenient packaging, so order home delivery for a Faaso's biryani and enjoy eating out of the box, quite literally!


Shop No.13/14 (Front Portion), 58/70 Pipewala Building,

S.B.S. Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005

Mobile: 076662 33939


Facebook page:

Twitter: FAASO'S @faasos


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