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Koyla, Mumbai’s first rooftop restaurant, spread over 19,000 square feet and overlooking the ocean is our way of taking you back in time where royalty would feast on rich delicacies slowly prepared over burning coal embers. The name Koyla is our tribute to this now rare style of cooking.

At Koyla we offer you an environment which we hope will create a distinctive dining experience while you explore the finest traditional northwestern cuisine. The low seating is to create an atmosphere of Indian dining. We also offer a variety of flavors of Sheesha, so that your experience is authentic.

koyla 3With specially selected traditional northwestern favorites cooked in the right blend of species and minimal oil we hope to recreate the magic of age old delicacies for you. The kitchen has an interactive open kitchen where the guests can observe the chefs work their still on the tan door to create the dishes being ordered.

With wafting aromatic Indian species and rustic ambience, join us at Koyla with a fare fit for Kings.

True to its name Koyla, which means coal, serves food cooked only on coal by chefs from the Garhwal region. The food at Koyla is patiently cooked over charcoal, which exudes the aroma of cinnamon and cloves, a hint of garlic and a whisper of saffron.

A quintessentially rustic ambience, the whiff of tandoori fare, the flavours of the hookahs, the soothing sound of water fountains and refreshing breeze from the sea gives Koyla a truly exotic and inimitable touch.


Kamal Mansion,

N.A. Azmi road,

Colaba, Mumbai-400005

Tel: +91-022-66369999/+91-022-66364727

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