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My Dream Colaba is the brainchild of a few concerned individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs who live in Colaba. The group consulted with residents and members living in the area, looking for workable alternatives to the various issues and needs of the community. Even pavements for better walking, well-lit roads and sidewalks for improved safety especially for women and school children , a greener environment, well-organised garbage disposal, clearing fo unlicensed hawkers, are some of the community’s immediate concerns. In short, My Dream Colaba reflects the requirements of Colaba on an everyday basis.

Our mission is to promote a better quality of life for communities through the full participation of citizens in the development of their localities.

By choice, the group is headed by Advocate Makarand Narwekar.

Our mission is to make Colaba “a Model Community”

  • Green, safe and pollution free neighbourhood.
  • Clean footpaths free of encroachments and illegal signage.
  • Welcoming and efficient bus and taxi shelters with Public Bio (odour-free) toilets
  • Clear and clean roads with adequate zebra crossings island and appropriate speed breakers.
  • Every street developed and marked appropriately such as “Heritage zone” or “ silence zone” or “Protected Green Zone” as the case may be, where cyclists and the wheel-chaired are secure.
  • Where the visually challenged, hearing impaired and other vulnerable persons can enjoy the outdoors without fear of injury.
  • Where children and pets can play without risk or criminal nuisance and harm
  • Where the pedestrian enjoys right of way.
  • A sense of community, goodwill and being

My Dream Colaba will facilitate integraed cluster (self help, public-private partnership) solutions for:

  • Optimal Use of Municipal water supply
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Waste water management
  • Solid waste management
  • Improvement of backward areas
  • Urban reforestation
  • Community building and communications
  • Building public opinion
  • Public nuisance prevention
  • Model police station
  • Urban design for traffic
  • BMC health programmes
  • BMC Education Programmes
  • Fire Prevention and Public Awareness

My Dream Colaba members meet every Tuesday evening to discuss the work and plans. Every Sunday morning they walk the length and breadth of the constituency with the corporator, to assess the needs and achievements of the Ward.

They aim to make Colaba the model locality of Mumbai, and to set an example for the rest of the city.

mdc 1My Dream Colaba

C/o Phoneshop Telecom

56, The Arcade 1st Floor

World Trade Centre

Cuffe Parade

Mumbai – 400005



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