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Khyber Restaurant

Khyber is an iconic restaurant located in the art & heritage district of the city of Mumbai. At Khyber as you sit surrounded by huge urns and ancient Mughal royalties on the walls, you are served authentic Indian cuisine. Nostalgia and seductive antiquity slowly surround you as you enter through a wooden door decorated with […]

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chetana craft centre

Chetana Craft Centre

Of all the arts and crafts of India, the hand-woven textiles are probably the oldest and most widely recognized. The extensive and exiting range of handlooms produced by the Indian weavers are a designer’s delight the world over. There are large varieties of handlooms to choose from each region of India, which has its own […]

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chetana book

Chetana Book Centre and Publications

Chetana Book Centre, a division of Chetana Pvt. Ltd., is committed to providing a service-driven, stress-free approach to satisfying earnest booklovers. It stocks carefully selected books on Philosophy, Religion, Arts, Culture, and Indian Thought for grownups and for growing minds, as well as books on Health, Well-being and Alternative Medicine; and is a book lover’s […]

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chetana restaurant

Chetana Veg. Restaurant

Chetana Veg. Restaurant, a division of Chetana Pvt. Ltd., has been expanded, renovated and modernised in 2001 with new décor and floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the cheerful boulevard. Ample public parking is available. Vegetarianism as a life-style choice, as well as a commitment to offer the freshest ingredients in a healthful, imaginative, wholesome food had a […]

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The Irish House

A lively pub for beer lovers, sports fanatics and gourmands of the city – The Irish House is your perfect neighbourhood hangout. The ambiance captures the spirit of traditional pubs back in grand old Ireland and emulates that same welcoming feel. The award-winning brand is known for its energetic vibe, friendly service and a great […]

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We take much pride in bringing you the culture, authentic taste and cooking from Burma (Myanmar) lovingly prepared from our treasured family recipes. Burmese cuisine reflects a history inspired by surrounding countries and ancient traditions. Coastal, forest, tropical, and mountainous cultures within Burma have all contributed to the rich tastes and aromas you experience in […]

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Paratha Mantra

A few years ago, Parin and Antariksh, both born and raised in Mumbai, noticed something about the city they call home – there just weren’t any great paratha places! They felt this gap quite keenly – and decided they would be the ones to fill it. And so they did! A two year test-run (Nandu’s […]

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Social Offline – Café & Lounge

Remember when being “social” meant that you actually MET people? Come rediscover the joy of being Social. Offline. What if your workspace looked more like a super cool café rather than a cubicle? What if your boardroom had a bar attached? Social blends the best of the office and the café. Social is the land […]

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Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic

Since its inception in 1984, Dr. Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic has steadily moved into the forefront of diagnostic health care, establishing a reputation for providing competitively priced high quality medical services through a combination of individual professional expertise & experience, and frontline technologies. With one clinic based in the vantage Museum area, south Mumbai, […]

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colaba woods garden

Colaba Woods Garden

Colaba Woods Garden is located near the Taj -President Hotel in South Mumbai. Its about 5 km from the CST railway station. The Colaba woods garden is located on C.T.S. No. 87A and 88B. It is spread over 31,000 sq. Mtrs. It is a beautiful wooded tree garden near to high sky scraper buildings. In […]

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