Paratha Mantra

pm 1A few years ago, Parin and Antariksh, both born and raised in Mumbai, noticed something about the city they call home – there just weren’t any great paratha places! They felt this gap quite keenly – and decided they would be the ones to fill it. And so they did!

A two year test-run (Nandu’s Paratha House, opposite Old Custom House, 2009-2011) confirmed their observations. Yes, Mumbaites love to experiment with their parathas, and yes, they appreciate innovations to this staple food.

And thus was born — Paratha Mantra!

Launched in August of 2011, the growing popularity of this 1000 sqft, air-conditioned space at Kala Ghoda is proof that the time is ripe for parathas to grow and change.

This is the home of the best veg food in town! Don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself. Relish our innovative fusion parathas, accompanied by a tasteful selection of Indian Vegetables and Dals (all with Jain options).

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The first to introduce speciality parathas like the Pizza Paratha, Pasta Paratha, Vada Pav Paratha, Schezwan Paratha among others, we remain passionate about experimenting with parathas.

Today, the choices extend beyond paratha innovations, though that does remain central to the menu. Jalapeno & Cheese Paratha, Palak Paneer Paratha, Pizza Paratha, and Chilli Cheese Garlic Paratha will jostle for the attention of your taste buds with Mix Churi, Patiala Chaas, Dal Makhani, Paneer Makhani, and Lasuni Palak. Make Your Own Paratha is a menu option too, should you choose to try your hand at paratha innovation!

Happily innovating with parathas & taking pride in serving fresh, tasty, vegetarian food – that’s what we do!

Paratha Mantra,

6/8 Navbharat House,

Burjorji Barucha Marg,

Military Square Lane,

Fort, Mumbai – 400001

CONTACT NUMBERS: +91-22-22702265/+91-22-22642265/+91-9821-626387



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