Shahbazker’s Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd

shah 1SHAHBAZKER’S DIAGNOSTICS PVT. LTD. is an Organization providing services in DIAGNOSTIC MEDICINE.The centre is situated on the ground floor near the main road, hence easily accessible. The entire diagnostic centre is air-conditioned.

The centre was established in its primitive form on 1 st January 1983 as a pathology laboratory. It has a medical testing laboratory, X-ray and an ECG unit since 1994. It also has arrangements for Ultrasonography and OPG facilities. This organization has been giving unbroken services in the field of pathology since 1981 and in the field of

X-ray & E .C. G. since 1994. In 2009 it started providing services in Colour Doppler, Echocardiography and OPG.

The clinical Laboratory is accredited by N A B L (ISO 15189). The principles of quality management system are being followed at the clinic

The clinic’s human resources team include qualified consultants in Health Management, Pathology, Radiology and Cardiology. The technical services are managed by a number of qualified and experienced technicians and other supportive staff whose average experience is 7 years (in year 2010).

The Centre is equipped with state of art fully automated chemistry analyser, hematology analyser and automated Elisa analyser in addition to back-up semi autoanalysers. It also has Elisa reader, ISE equipment, Enzyme Linked Flourescence Immunoassay System , a number of microscopes and other necessary laboratory equipment. The patient’s registration and reporting system is fully computerized.

The centre has a 300 ma X-ray Machine attached to Kodak Computerised Radiology (Digital X-Ray) equipment, sufficient for all kinds of x-rays & procedures. It also provides bed-side facilities (At Patient’s Home) in x-ray (Portable digital x-ray) in addition to such facilities in blood collection and ECG.

The centre provides services to other clinics and hospitals where specimen are collected and sent to the centre for analysis. The centre also takes part in various medical camps and free testing programmers in the area.



  • Entire Range Of Investigations In Biochemistry, Hematology , Serology, Immunoassays
  • Clinical Pathology, Bacteriology.
  • Instant Detection of Diabetes & Pregnancy.
  • HIV Elsa, Western Blot & Hepatitis Tests.
  • Test for Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse


  • All X-rays(Digital) including Procedures
  • Portable digital X-ray Facilities
  • E C G and Echocardiography
  • Colour Doppler
  • Ultrasonography
  • O. P. G.


  • Home/patient Bedside Services
  • Blood investigation, portable – X-rays, ECG
  • Customer based Packages for Corporate Health Examination


  • Computerised and latest Equipments in the Diagnostic Centre

Shahbazker’s Diagnostics Pvt. Ltd. has installed state of art computerised X-Ray system at their centre. With this fully automatic CR system, Shabazker’s is a digital and eco-friendly centre. At Shahbazker’s,  x-rays are digitized and hence can be processed as required and printed on a Kodak DryView Laser Imaging System, which does not use chemicals or water for processing, thus helping to protect the environment.


We offer consultancy services for N A B L Accreditation to small and medium CLINICAL / MEDICAL LABORATORIES. N A B L is a body under Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. It’s criteria are based on ISO 15189 / IEC GUIDE 25 & EN 45001 requirements for testing laboratories. N A B L has linkages with I L A C (International Lab. Accreditation Conference) and A P L A C (Asia Pacific Laboratory Accreditation Conference).


Dr. Nazim A. Shahbazker

Mobile: 9820150835



13, 14(BS), 15, 18, 19, Pipewala Building Compound,

S.B.S. Road,

Near Colaba Market

MUMBAI – 400 005 (INDIA)

TEL : 22020897 / 22856660 / 22046660 FAX 22819763


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