Bhika Behram well

The Bhika Behram Well is situated in the Fort area of Mumbai at the Southern end of Cross Maidan, near the Central Telegraph Office.

This well has been declared as a Grade 1 heritage structure.
There is a rich history behind the well. A prominent Parsi named Bhikaji Behramji who came from Bharuch dug this freshwater well and it was first opened to travellers in 1725.
This is the oldest sweet water well in Mumbai with an amazing fact that the source is perennial. This is remarkable as most of the water is brackish as it is close to the Arabian Sea.
A pavilion was added in 1950 and conservation of the well has been carefully undertaken without damaging the architectural characteristics of the well.
The Bhika Behram well has much religious significance as many people believe that lighting lamps and praying here fulfils their wishes.

” There are community members who are keeping the faith though, in the power of the well and the Govt. Says Hoshaang Gotla, who has been conducting a prayer every month at the Bhikha Behram Well, “it has been a tradition for 6.5 years,” he explains. “the prayer is held monthly, on a day representing water called, ‘Ava’. The prayer itself is called, ‘Humbandagi’ which literally means praying together and it is held because we believe that the community which prays together, stays together,” says Gotla, who is an executive assistant to the MD of Hiranandani Group.




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  1. Mehernosh Shroff April 10, 2018 at 10:36 am #

    one of the best things is to praise good heart <3 and great work done with social responsibility in good old days of silent Humanity where "left hand never knew what right hand was doing " great and magnificent acts of social responsibility and bettering lives and living experience was done quietly ,

    My Family & clan members Built a large fresh water well in old Bombay in 1725 , kept one half to them selves and the other half was open to all to withdraw as much water as possible ( the water In this well is still Refreshing ) we laid the foundations of a great city by just bearing expenses and digging a fresh water well which we opened to one & all , do the Good deeds in such a way that 10000 years from now people remember you , in silent prayer , a silent wish from dept of some ones heart

    Mehernosh Shroff

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