Fitness for senior citizens – Enter the state-of the art gym in BPT Garden


Image: Hindustan Times

Outdoor fitness parks for senior citizens have been rising in popularity across the globe. They are  specifically aimed to maintain the health of the graying population.

The Chinese were the first to bring outdoor fitness centres in public parks to boost the nation’s fitness. Now Mumbai has a one of a kind senior citizen’s park too.

It was unveiled at the Bombay Port trust Garden in Colaba on December 16, 2016. The first of its kind, the park has a cycle, a skywalker, a leg press, a shoulder builder, a standing and seating twister and a seated puller.

The equipment can be safely used and moreover the fitness gym is easy to stop on the way for senior citizens while doing something else.

The goal of the senior citizens’ gym is to promote flexibility, coordination and improved balance. Seniors want to be active and take better care of themselves. Though they do slow down a bit, exercising is fun with people in the same generation thus increasing interaction and making friends.

Many seniors feel more confident because regular use of the fitness equipment would improve balance, speed and coordination in them and adding to it, the benefits of doing it in fresh air.

There is no membership for accessing this gym and no fees for utilising the equipment either.

The project is a joint execution of the Colaba Advanced Locality Management, the ward corporator Makarand Narwekar, citizens’ group My Dream Colaba and Reliance India, the main sponsor.




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