Don’t miss the documentary on the closure of the iconic Rhythm house

Recently, I attended a premiere of a documentary made on the iconic “Rhythm house.” The store was run by Amir Curmally and his brother Mehboob. The store started business in the 1940s and has gradually grown in size and closed down last year.

The documentary is produced by Aliya Curmally (the store owner’s daughter) and Megha Ramaswamy, who also directed the documentary with movie gear help from Rohan Sippy.

The documentary is very minimalist and Megha Ramaswamy the director manages to bring out the sadness and the loss for the owners and employees who have been working there for decades.

Photo: Abhijit Bhatlekar/Mint

It seems like the owners and employees literally grew up with music in the store, their tastes in music evolving along the way. Amir Curmally talks about his limitations early on with Hindi music. The documentary tells a story of a business which got killed by technological changes and a local brand with a rich tradition and brand name also couldn’t survive and changes the lives of the owners and employees with the closure of the store.

The documentary makers said they would be putting up a Facebook page and will be sharing where people can watch the documentary there. So stay tuned.

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