Review of 100th show of play “2 to Tango 3 to Jive” held at the NCPA on 20th May 2017

By Maju Sampat

Cast: Saurabh Shukla, Achint Kaur, Sadiya Siddiqui, Preeti Mamgain

Written & Directed By: Saurabh Shukla

Produced by : AGP World

Tickets on Bookmyshow.

Price:- 500 rupees onwards


I was lucky enough to see the hundredth show of the hilarious play 2 to Tango 3 to Jive, which is produced by Ashwin Gidwani’s AGP World. For a play to run for a hundred shows, it has to be really entertaining and worth seeing.

Written and directed by Saurabh Shukla, this show is a real treat for theatre lovers! It takes you on a roller coaster ride into the life of its protagonist, Parminder Singh Sethi, at a time when the proverbial midlife crises knocks at his door and then barges through his mundane existence! Caught between continuing with his monotonous life as a restaurant owner and the enticing prospect of turning things around, this comedy drama chronicles Parminder’s journey as it ebbs and flows with practical, comic, ambivalent, confusing and passionate tides on stage. Saurabh Shukla as Parminder is very effective and a great counterfoil for his lady loves, as he fancies himself as quite a Lothario!

Parminder and his wife Prem seem to be happy enough, but Parminder wants more out of life…a little more “zing” to add spice to his advancing years! So he entices three very different women to meet him at his mother’s apartment while she is away, hopefully for an exciting and raunchy afternoon. But things don’t always turn out according to plan. Each of the ladies, has a very different personality and each of them sets a very different mood to the play. Achint Kaur as Shomali is quite brilliant as a brazen hussy who is only interested in the sex part of an extramarital affair. Sadiya Siddiqui as Rinki is delightful as the typical Delhi middle class girl trying to make it in the modelling world. Her Hindi and English accents are just hilarious! Preeti Mamgain, as the relatively sober Savita is equally convincing, but in the end none of these ladies can quite give Parminder what he was seeking and he ends up going back to his wife Prem.

With their spicy ‘Hinglish’ talk and clever funny lines and situations, what these colourful characters guarantee the audience, is a fun filled evening of hilarious entertainment where it takes 2 To Tango and 3 To Jive.! Don’t miss the next show, and here is a sampler video of the show



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