Fitness for senior citizens – Enter the state-of the art gym in BPT Garden

  Image: Hindustan Times Outdoor fitness parks for senior citizens have been rising in popularity across the globe. They are  specifically aimed to maintain the health of the graying population. The Chinese were the first to bring outdoor fitness centres in public parks to boost the nation’s fitness. Now Mumbai has a one of a […]

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colaba woods garden

Colaba Woods Garden

Colaba Woods Garden is located near the Taj -President Hotel in South Mumbai. Its about 5 km from the CST railway station. The Colaba woods garden is located on C.T.S. No. 87A and 88B. It is spread over 31,000 sq. Mtrs. It is a beautiful wooded tree garden near to high sky scraper buildings. In […]

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scholar high 1

The Scholar High School

The Scholar High School, founded by Mrs. M.M. Grant in January 1961, is an educational institution open to boys and girls of every community. It imparts education through the medium of English and prepares students for the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education Examination. It also fosters in them the spirit of national unity and integrity. […]

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mobile creche 2

Mumbai Mobile Creches

Mumbai Mobile Creches (MMC) runs comprehensive daycare and education programmes for children living on construction sites. Our vision is simple- that all children can enjoy a happy, healthy, and safe childhood. We work with migrant children and families because they are among the most vulnerable of the urban poor. They live in small shanties on […]

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mdc 2

My Dream Colaba

My Dream Colaba is the brainchild of a few concerned individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs who live in Colaba. The group consulted with residents and members living in the area, looking for workable alternatives to the various issues and needs of the community. Even pavements for better walking, well-lit roads and sidewalks for improved safety especially […]

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ymca 3

The Bombay Young Mens’ Christian Association

The Young Mens Christian Association (YMCA) is one of the oldest and largest non-profit community service organisations in India. A community based organisation, we work collaboratively with government and non government organisations, and partners to provide a range of programmes and services to build strong people, strong families, strong communities. YMCA is a worldwide voluntary […]

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Forum for Autism

  Forum For Autism [FFA] is a public trust formed in 2001, registered as a Public Trust and society as a parent body to empathize with each other, understand their concerns and anxiety, fight the common cause. The primary aim of FFA as spelt out in the Memorandum are is to improve facilities for diagnosis, […]

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holy name 2

Cathedral of the Holy Name / Wodehouse Church.

On the quiet Nathalal Parekh Marg (formerly Wodehouse Road), parallel to the arterial Shahid Bhagat Singh Marg, you will come across a cluster of grey stone structures, imposing to the eye and yet blending with the landscape, redolent of a more gracious time when height, space and grandeur were imperatives in the creation of a […]

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Alcoholics Anonymous

A.A. is a program of total abstinence. Members simply stay away from one drink, one day at a time. Sobriety is maintained through sharing experience, at group meetings and through the suggested Twelve Steps for recovery from alcoholism. A.A. is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each […]

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